AnnoSpat annotates cell types and quantifies cellular arrangements from spatial proteomics

Mongia A, Zohora FT, Burget NG, Zhou Y, Saunders DC, Wang YJ, Brissova M, Powers AC, Kaestner KH, Vahedi G, Naji A, Schwartz GW, Faryabi RB

Nature Communications


Modeling type 1 diabetes progression using machine learning and single-cell transcriptomic measurements in human islets

Patil AR, Schug J, Liu C, Lahori D, Descamps HC; Human Pancreas Analysis Consortium; Naji A, Kaestner KH, Faryabi RB, Vahedi

Cell Reports Medicine


Intrinsically disordered domain of transcription factor TCF-1 is required for T cell developmental fidelity

Goldman N, Chandra A, Johnson I, Sullivan MA, Patil AR, Vanderbeck A, Jay A, Zhou Y, Ferrari EK, Mayne L, Aguilan J, Xue HH, Faryabi RB, John Wherry E, Sidoli S, Maillard I, Vahedi G

Nature Immunology


The pseudokinase Trib1 regulates the transition of exhausted T cells to a KLR+ CD8+ effector state, and its deletion improves checkpoint blockade

McClory SE, Bardhan O, Rome KS, Giles JR, Baxter AE, Xu L, Gimotty PA, Faryabi RB, Wherry EJ, Pear WS, Jordan MS

Cell Reports


Single-cell expression profiling of islets generated by the Human Pancreas Analysis Program

Patil AR, Schug J, Naji A, Kaestner KH, Faryabi RB, Vahedi G

Nature Metabolism