Yeqiao received the best poster award at the 2022 Notch Gordon Research Conference

Congratulations to Yeqiao for receiving the best poster award for presenting her work at the 2022 Notch Gordon Research Conference.

2022 August

Welcoming Dr. Ilias Tzelepis to the lab

Ilias Tzelepis recently started his postdoc project in the lab. He is going to investigate mechanisms of nuclear organization in B cell malignancies.

2022 July

Welcoming Rachel D’emilia!

We are excited to have Rachel D’emilia in the lab as our new technician. Welcome Rachel!

2022 July

Dr. Yeqiao Zhou received the Mark L. Tykocinski Award

Congratulating Dr. Yeqiao Zhou for receiving the Mark L. Tykocinski Award in recognition of her outstanding research.

2022 June

Yeqiao Zhou: our Lab FIRST PhD :)

Congratulations to Dr. Yeqiao Zhou for a fabulous thesis defense. You made us all VERY proud.

2022 April

Our Nature Metabolism paper is published today.

After two years of review, our paper describing the role of pancreatic duct cells in suppressing autoimmune T cell responses is published in Nature Metabolism today.

2022 February