TooManyPeaks manuscript is published in Cell Reports.

Congratulations to GW for publishing his final paper in Cell Reports as a postdoctoral trainee in the lab before moving to his faculty position. TooManyPeaks along with TooManyCells enable accurate identification and visualization of rare populations with scATAC-seq and scRNA-seq.

2021 August

Jingru Zhao passed her prelim.

Congratulations to Jingru Zhao for passing her prelim.

2021 June

Faryabi Lab first postdoc will be a PI.

Our postdoctoral trainee, Gregory Schwartz, will start his lab at the University of Toronto and Princess Margaret Cancer Center. Congratulations Gregory! You made us very proud.

2021 April

Our study defining pan-cancer vascularization predictors is now online.

Our study defining pan-cancer vascularization predictors is now online at the Journal of Clinical Investigation. Congratulations to Ben, Gregory and our collaborators at the Stanger Lab.

2021 February

Jingru Zhao joined the lab.

After completing her rotations, Jingru Zhao joined the lab for her PhD studies. Welcome Jingru!

2020 November

Jingru Zhao started her rotation.

We are excited to have Jingru Zhao in the lab for her rotation.

2020 August