Yeqiao Zhou: our Lab FIRST PhD :)

Congratulations to Dr. Yeqiao Zhou for a fabulous thesis defense. You made us all VERY proud.

2022 April

Our Nature Metabolism paper is published today.

After two years of review, our paper describing the role of pancreatic duct cells in suppressing autoimmune T cell responses is published in Nature Metabolism today.

2022 February

Our most recent paper is now online at Mol Cell.

Congratulations to our super talented PhD student Yeqiao Zhou for her paper showing the how T-ALL genome refolds to confer resistance to Notch inhibitors.

2022 February

Nature Metabolism accepted our multi-omics study of T1D for publication.

“Single-cell multi-omics analysis of human pancreatic islets reveals novel cellular states in Type 1 Diabetes” manuscript is eventually accepted after 2 years of review. Thanks to everyone involved, specially the member of Vahedi Lab.

2022 January

Dijleet Kaur started her rotation.

We are excited to have Diljeet Kaur in the lab for her rotation.

2021 December

Faryabi Lab R01 was scored at 2%.

Our recent R01 grant application was ranked in top 2% at NIH Cancer Genetics Study Section.

2021 November