TooManyCells Identifies And Visualizes Relationships Of Single-cell Clades.
Schwartz GW, Zhou Y, Petrovic J, Fasolino M, Xu L, Pear WS, Vahedi G, Faryabi RB

Nature Methods


Identifying and visualizing transcriptionally similar cells is instrumental for accurate exploration of the cellular diversity revealed by single-cell transcriptomics. However, widely used clustering and visualization algorithms produce a fixed number of cell clusters. A fixed clustering ‘resolution’ hampers our ability to identify and visualize echelons of cell states. We developed TooManyCells, a suite of graph-based algorithms for efficient and unbiased identification and visualization of cell clades. TooManyCells introduces a visualization model built on a concept intentionally orthogonal to dimensionality-reduction methods. TooManyCells is also equipped with an efficient matrix-free divisive hierarchical spectral clustering different from prevalent single-resolution clustering methods. TooManyCells enables multiresolution and multifaceted exploration of single-cell clades. An advantage of this paradigm is the immediate detection of rare and common populations that outperforms popular clustering and visualization algorithms, as demonstrated using existing single-cell transcriptomic data sets and new data modeling drug-resistance acquisition in leukemic T cells.